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Pamasol meets all aerosol and spray system needs. Thanks to our personal service, our solutions are always tailor-made. We understand, develop, produce, install and support – from single stations to complete production systems.

Pamasol has been on the scene since the birth of the aerosol industry. We have been advising customers from a wide range of industries for decades, which is why we understand our customers’ requirements precisely. Thanks to this know-how and experience, we are in a position to develop solutions that are exactly right, sometimes inventing something completely from scratch if necessary. With a view to guaranteeing the highest possible quality, we produce exclusively in Switzerland. We install our systems worldwide – and make sure everything runs smoothly. In order to enable our customers to make efficient use of their potential, we provide them with support following commissioning with quick service and expert advice.

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Thanks to our many years’ experience, we understand our customers’ requirements precisely. Learn more

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Only a company that understands industries and their needs can offer integrated solutions. Our customers around the world operate in a wide variety of industries. Manufacturers with their own filling systems, filling service providers, laboratories, universities. From global corporations to small, highly specialised laboratories. We use our many years’ experience and our profound industry knowledge to our customers’ advantage: thanks to our extensive expertise, we can understand and overcome every aerosol challenge that our customers give us.


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We develop innovative technologies. Through passion and fascination. Learn more

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Every Pamasol product is unique since it is developed with and for our customers. From small filling machines to complete production lines. Individually developed for each customer. In the search for the perfect solution, we conquer complex technological challenges and reach the pinnacle of invention. This is all made possible by our workforce of employees who are fascinated by innovation and new technologies. Pamasol relies on 55 years of innovative power, passion, and the expertise of all of our employees. They are Pamasol.


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For 55 years, we have been producing everything ourselves in the Swiss town of Pfäffikon. Learn more

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Pamasol offers first-class Swiss workmanship, for we produce nearly everything ourselves in high-quality production facilities in Pfäffikon, from crimp heads to name plates. From electrical controllers to all of the software. From manual machines to high capacity systems capable of producing up to 600 containers per minute. The constant pursuit of quality Swiss work has made us a technology leader. The result is precise and economical systems that will last for many years.


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We do not just produce machines, we install everything on site. Learn more

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Pamasol develops and produces machines for customers around the world. In order to ensure that production goes smoothly for our customers, we will install and start up any machine on site if required, and provide training for customers’ staff. We can provide support until production is well under way. We do all of this with the same care that we take to develop and produce our machinery.


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We support our customers extensively, with quick service and expert advice. Learn more

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We know only one standard: Swiss perfection. This is also the standard we adhere to when supporting our customers. We know the kind of losses that stopped production can bring. This is why spare parts are sent on their way in no time at all. Even for systems that have been in use for decades. When our customers face new challenges and needs, we check and optimise processes and systems with technological modifications. For we do not simply sell systems; we guarantee the long-term success of customers’ investments.


Contact our experts: +41 55 417 40 40